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Established in 2000 by Mario Pizarro, Melbourne Property Investments Real Estate Pty Ltd specializes in property management and sales. Mario’s entrepreneurial spirit has led the company to cater to both homebuyers and investors with strategic expertise. Additionally, the company has successfully developed multi-million-dollar residential projects in prestigious Melbourne suburbs

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Gain access to exclusive programs with the purchase of a property, we develop and execute an investment strategy aimed at paying off your property loan within six years of purchase. All property purchases come with this package tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

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MPI prioritises exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Our commitment lies in assisting our esteemed clientele in discovering the perfect property, guided by our unwavering dedication to excellence and personalized care.


M.P.I. Sales consultants possess the skills, experience, real estate expertise, and unwavering determination necessary to deliver optimal results. These qualities ensure our vendors they receive the highest possible value for their properties.


Our aim is to prioritise our clients' needs in all aspects of property management. We take pride in upholding the highest standards. Our team is dedicated to listening to and providing the best solutions for both property owners and tenants

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